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Forums - Music Discussion - Do you consider METAL, techno, screamo, etc music or just entertainment?


Music or just entertainment

M 71 81.61%
E 2 2.30%
neither 3 3.45%
other, explain 2 2.30%
see results 5 5.75%
Jackie CHan MEme ( WHat, I do not even) 4 4.60%

Although not a fan of the category "techno" I do think that it is actually more about music than most other genres. The reason being most others have an emphasis on just lyrics. That and classical is really the most pure form of music, one just being the natural evolution of the other. One can of course argue about the quality of the former, but luckily there's a lot of great subgenre that isnt just put together quickly through loops only. A favourite of mine right now has to be deep house. The low and high keys mashed together makes for quite the varied listening experience. You guys should check out zhu. In the more uplifting area, autograf. Is a damn fine artist.

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This seems a like a really odd line of thinking to me. All of them are music by their very definition. I would even say metal is more "music", as you say, than most of the stuff you'll find in the charts these days. For one, metal bands actually use real instruments in their music. I mean, I don't like most rap, most pop music, techno or 95% of the stuff you'll hear in the radio these days, but I still can't say they aren't music.

Is there any good argument against these genres being music?