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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Konami Is Done With AAA Console Games; Tech Director Quits

Xxain said:
binary solo said:
LuckyTrouble said:
Psh, like they'll sell any of their IP. Selling an IP means less pachinko machines and less crappy cash-in mobile games. We all knew that survey was just to figure out which series to abuse with a terrible mobile game first.

They won't ever sell an IP, but they will, hopefully, licence IP for making future console games, with potentially lucrative royalties without having to do any work other than paying lawyers to make sure the licencing agreement is good for them.

It means pretty open season for the big IP. I don't think Silent Hill being bought licenced by Sony, MS or Nintendo is that big of a deal. But if MGS was licenced by MS or Nintendo that would be a megaton, if they hire Kojima and allow him to carry on his vision MGS fans WILL buy whatever cnsole it comes to. It will be an interesting next year or so to see what licencing announcements get made.

Someone should make a thread listing all the main Konami IP and do a prediction league about whether the IP will gert liceneced and to whom.

Kojima does not have a vision for MGS, because he's done with it. He made it very clear he wanted to move on a long time ago. It would not shock me if the fallout also involved Kojima refusing anymore MGS. 

Ah, OK I don't think I was aware of that. I guess it gels with Koijima looking to resurrect Silent Hills...until the whole idea got canned. I wonder if there is any real future for MGS without Kojima? But also, what is the future of Kojima in games? Does he have the energy and enthusiasm to start on a whole new venture?

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