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Forums - Sports Discussion - Why USA never jumped the soccer bandwagon?

psychicscubadiver said:

Interesting. I played as a child/adolescent in the US and all the teams had 1 Goalie, 2 Fullbacks (about where the Innen-verteidigers are), 3 half-backs (about where the Zentral Defensiver Mittelfeldspieler is but spread across the field) and 5 Forwards that almost exclusively stayed on the opposing side of the field.

Did that used to be a popular way to position or was it just a quirk of the youth league I played in?

As Ka-Pi already said five attackers seems quite unusual these days in professional soccer. But it seems in the past that was more common.

If you look at the positions for the players for the final game of the world championship 1954, you see a lot more players in frontal positions than is usual today:


As a comparison, the positions for the finals of the 2010 championship, where each team only has one direct front player and both teams concentrate on the midfield-players:

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