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Forums - Sports Discussion - Tom Brady is clear, Suspension is lifted

LudicrousSpeed said:
lol no it's not ruined. Until the NFL wipes out wins and Super Bowls, their legacy is intact. Bellicheat and Brady are still first ballot Hall of Famers. In 100 years when we're both dead in the ground their busts will still be in Canton still being viewed by millions of football fans oblivious to camera scandals or football air pressure. Mostly because by then we'll have polluted air so much that footballs no longer use it, they're now made of a delicious, edible material known as Plimba, which we get via trade with the planet Krotar and the Krotarians. Each week teams do battle for the Plimball, which the winners then devour and wash down with kangaroo blood to please the Krotarion Gods.

And here you are worried about their legacy.

not really worried about it.  I don't really care about 100 years from now because I won't be alive.  Though the 1919 world series still lives on

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