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Forums - Sony Discussion - The next Last of Us. What would you like it to be?

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What would you like the next TLoU to be about?

Focus on a different character 3 4.41%
Chapters on different characters 1 1.47%
Direct follow on sequel 31 45.59%
Prequel with Joel, Ellie 5 7.35%
Completely new characters 24 35.29%
Something else - share your idea 4 5.88%

Something with a matured Ellie, probably after Joel's death.

Or they could get a new cast of characters, since the Joel and Ellie storyline is good enough.

Or they could just not make a sequel because it really can't do anything that the previous game and its remaster didn't do. Not every game needs a sequel.

bet: lost

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d21lewis said:
Four words: True Detective Season Two

I still have to watch that, but I heard it was a huge disappointment.