Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Devilīs Third is so bad that is good


Love it 26 22.81%
Is kind of fun... I guess 23 20.18%
Is a Masterpiece 14 12.28%
Terrible, not even funny 34 29.82%
Itagaki is great (HA!) 6 5.26%
Devilīs Turd (said no one ever) 11 9.65%


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sad sad sad. I was hoping for something.......well we where all looking for something better.

Goodnightmoon said:
TaMpAbLaCk said:
This game was in development since like 2008 for PS2 lol


Thnx typo

Im sûre it will be just as cult as sonic boom

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it is coming to the americas both in retail and in eShop within the last quarter of 2015.

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Back when I started watching previews of Deadly Premonition, the game looked like it was a complete disaster. I kept wondering "how the heck are they even releasing this?".

Then the game released, I purchased it and it became one of my favourite games ever conceived.


Devil's Third might look terrible, but not only I'm giving it the benefit of doubt, I'd say it looks fun to play.