Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Devilīs Third is so bad that is good


Love it 26 22.81%
Is kind of fun... I guess 23 20.18%
Is a Masterpiece 14 12.28%
Terrible, not even funny 34 29.82%
Itagaki is great (HA!) 6 5.26%
Devilīs Turd (said no one ever) 11 9.65%

"So bad is so good" [Yotobi]

OT: the Game seem very bad.

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Some people clearly don´t get what I´m trying to say, I´m far from being hyped or defending the game in any form, I just saw that is so bad that it can be really funny with the right mindset and company, it kind of reminds me to Duke Nukem Forever.

I'll buy it at a high price

This game was in development since like 2008 for PS2 lol

TaMpAbLaCk said:
This game was in development since like 2008 for PS2 lol


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Honestly, why not. I could see it happening.. hehe

To be honest, I like the crappy action B movies starring Expendable dudes. Great for a night with friends and a couple of beers. I won't buy Devils Third full price, but I might eventually pick it up from the bargain bin as long as it isn't completely atrocious.

By the way, previews may be bad but multiplayer looked way more interesting than single player. So there's still a chance for multiplayer to be better (although I doubt reviews are going to be good regardless). I actually really liked the map creation which allows for different maps each game.

edit: so bad its good is actually true sometimes

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deserves GOTY.

No, it's not. I never enjoyed bad games, but bad movies can be fun. Well, it's so bad that I have to play it, I want to see how far Itagaki has fallen.

But only at a bomba price. Let's hope that it's not super rare.


spurgeonryan said:
I will buy it day one at full price.

Tell us if it's better or worse than How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Thats actually a thing you know. Something can be so bad that its good.