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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What was the first RPG you ever played?

PS1. Final Fantasy VII

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Super Mario RPG

I only bought it because Mario was on the cover. I had no idea what RPG was at the time and was surprised by the gameplay as it was not how I expected. Didn't like it at first, but gave it another go a couple of months later and enjoyed it.

PokéMon. :)

The first I remember was Dragon Quest on NES.

Maybe Super Mario RPG, maybe something else before that but I don't remember

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Dragon Warrior for the NES. I think I got it free as some sort of promotional deal Nintendo Power was running.


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Diablo on PC but never finished.

FFVII on the PS1 got me back on console gaming and JRPGs in general.

oldschoolfool said:
somebody help me out here. I think it was either chrono cross,are chrono trigger. I'm not sure if those are real games,but I remember it being the sequel of the other one. I was young when I played it,so my memory is hazy and I remember there being these cool magic spells,which started my love for being a mage in every dam rpg,that had that option.

Chrono Trigger came first and was on the SNES. Chrono Trigger came second and was on the PS1.