We just got 3 Banjo Remasters for free so we don't need them, Banjo should just move on to a completely new game for next gen.

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sooo does somebody know what's in the Mixpot for the MS conference?

Soo...Open new thread now or later?

Might as well do it now.

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Wait for next gen or atleast when MS shows their next gen console.

Later wait till the console is revealed .

Now: I kinda want to start fresh still, give the thread a new look, build up hype leading into next gen. I'd still be updating the thread regardless but if I update it now, the next thread won't be different at all. Hmm, and I have the general idea laid out.

Later: This tame E3 has put me off slightly since they barely revealed next gen at all, I think Jay opened the original months before release but on next gen reveal. Though we can still find ways to hype up in the lead up to the reveal.

Next year, I think we'll see these games from Xbox studios:
Halo Infinit
Gears Tactics
Age of Empires IV
Fable IV
Forza Motorsport 8
Rare new game
Compulsion new game
Dead Lab new game
Xbox Global Publishing new games

The Initiative new game?
Ninja Theory new game?
XGP 2nd new game?

Expecting more than what we saw for a transitional year was a mistake and setting yourself for a disappointment. Most of the companies are saving their guns for next gen.

Finding a japanese studio willing to join Xbox will be very hard. I think it will be better if they make a new studio based in Japan.

Just say that you're looking for developers that want to make games aimed more at western gamers(Resident Evil, DMC, Monster Hunter).
I'm sure there're alot of devs in japan that arent interested in making games only with anime aesthetics.