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Carl2291 said:
What a way to finish that game, and Englands tournament.

It's unbelievable. To hit the ball like that, to make it fly in such a curve, to have it come down at such an angle from the crossbar and to have it bounce back out of the goal...

Fingers crossed that the USA don't mess up in the final.

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Got to feel for England for that 2nd goal. Just weird circumstances.

Our neighbours better not screw things up now.

Yey :3

It's time for the last major update before the conclusion of the tournament. Here are the standings for the daily predictions after matchday 18:

# Username Score CP PP
1 Ka-pi96 69 31 7
2 Augen 68 30 8
3 RolStoppable 65 30 5
4 green_sky 63 29 5
5 Carl2291 56 26 4
6 NiKKoM 55 26 3
7 morenoingrato 32 15 2
8 menx64 6 3 0

It's still a tight race. If Augen pulls it off, we would have a different winner for each of the three contests in the prediction league. If anyone cares enough about secrecy, predictions can be submitted via PM.

Next up, the bracket predictions:

# Username Score GS KS
1 NiKKoM 107 62 45
2 Ka-pi96 107 62 45
3 RolStoppable 99 59 40
4 Augen 96 61 35
5 morenoingrato 82 57 25

All positions are decided after Germany's elimination. Three people still have a chance to gain another five points, but it won't change the outcome. NiKKoM holds the tie-breaker, hence why he is already ahead. Congratulations for winning this contest!

The combined rankings:

# Username Score DP BP
1 Ka-pi96 176 69 107
2 RolStoppable 164 65 99
3 Augen 164 68 96
4 NiKKoM 162 55 107
5 morenoingrato 114 32 82

This contest has also been decided already. Ka-pi96 is the winner. Congratulations!

Second place is of course still up for grabs. Augen needs Japan to win the tournament, plus a gain of at least one more point than me in the final two daily predictions, and at the same time NiKKoM isn't allowed to gain more than one point on him; a US-American World cup victory would translate to five additional points for NiKKoM and I, so that would pretty much guarantee that Augen drops into fourth place. I could write about other scenarios, but with so few variables left, everyone with half a brain should be able to figure out the rest.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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United States 1-0 Japan

Get that third star ladies!

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Woo, I won the combined rankings
Now I hope Japan can win the whole thing, again

Germany 2-1 England
USA 0-1 Japan

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

C'mon ladies, it's time to avenge last cup's loss. Go Team USA!

Are we doing third place match as well? If so

Germany 2-0 England

2 games 4 bad penaltys.