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Final Prediction
only one sku at $250 with no pack-in game
64 gb hardrive (Micro sdcard slot included)
Gamecube VC is real
Splatoon,Smash4,MK8,Mario maker enhanced ports will infact happen
March31 2017 release date
Zelda for launch, Mario for fall


Lucky to have the show at 8pm PT and not when I'm at school or very late night when I'm supposed to sleeping. I feel slightly sorry for the people in UK which will have to wake up 4 in the morning

My body is ready. Bring it on.

Bet with Intrinsic:

The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.

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Just over 21 hours to go! All aboard!

I'll do my final predictions.

Prediction one : One Sku at 250$ with 64gb memory, a 300$ pack in bundle that includes a game

Splatoon Remaster, Mario Kart 8 remaster are not real. Instead, sequels are being made for both(if one were real i'd be splatoon). Super Smash Brothers will have little to no presence, but a remaster is in fact coming.

Mario is a holiday title and Zelda is launch. Pikmin will be released in the first year.

Release date is ... the 24th.

Gamecube VC is real.

Switch will be $250.

Only one SKU.

5+ hour battery life.

Splatoon is basically just the Wii U game with tons of extra content. (Basically Splatoon 1.5.)

Mario isn't out until this Fall at the earliest.

Pokémon will NOT be mentioned at all.

Gamecube VC at launch with only 3-5 games with Melee being one of them. Compatible with the Wii U Gamecube Adapter.

Overwatch port. (More of a personal wish than a realistic prediction.)

March 24th. (I will cry tears of joy if this is the release date.)

Platina said:
Nuvendil said:

I think they mean that this very first wave will be limited for this specific store.  That's what the post implies anyway.

I hope so, would be really disappointing if they ran out of stock overall during launch

I'd be more worried if they didn't run out of stock, that would likely mean it's selling poorly. I don't expect it to be super hard to find but I expect there to be a week here and there where it seems out of stock.

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I will get up at 4:00 and watch this .

In the wilderness we go alone with our new knowledge and strength.

Stefan.De.Machtige said:

I will get up at 4:00 and watch this .


My internet will fuck me over and I'll burn the house down.

I'll try to watch the event at 5:00 AM. My predictions are: 250$ bundled with Splatoon, 300$ with the new Zelda. Games in the event:
- 3D Mario
- Zelda
- Pikmin Switch
- New Retro IP
- MK8
- Splatoon
- VC retro games (with a focus on GC VC)
- Third party games (BG&E2, Skyrim, NBA and probably FIFA17)

You know what's the worst part of this announcement? After waiting more or less a year for Nintendo to reveal what the NX was, and a couple of months to propperly unveil it, we'll still have to wait more than two months more for the Switch to actually be released. The waiting never ends!

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I am getting excited...