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The fate of Black Ops 3 Wii U?

It is coming with DLC 42 11.05%
It is coming with no DLC 47 12.37%
It is coming with no DLC ... 36 9.47%
It won't come. 230 60.53%
Pfff... I just want an ou... 25 6.58%
Kresnik said:
Mr.GameCrazy said:

I thought they were considering Platinum Games and TTA Fusion are third party developers.

Nintendo paid for the development of those titles and published them.  

You can argue that they're not first-party games; but in no way are they third-party.

I usually just refer to them as 2nd party titles.

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Materia-Blade said:

they are games developed by third parties and aren't owned by nintendo. tw101 is first party, for example. the ones I mentioned are third party exclusives.

No, they aren't.  You literally listed a third-party exclusive in the same list - ZombiU.  Developed by Ubisoft (third party), published & funded by Ubisoft (third party), released exclusively on WiiU.  Nintendo had no hand in it aside from some advertising.

Something like LEGO City is developed by Traveller's Tales (third party), published & funded by Nintendo (first party), released exclusively for WiiU.

I'm sure you can see the difference.

You can argue that they're "second party" games if you're a fan of that name (I am, since it resolves situations like this), but they are not third-party games.

Goodnightmoon said:
DialgaMarine said:

 Isn't it possible that is something that is just still there BO2 on Wii-U?

3 years later? Why?

The game is probably coming, and that poll will look funny in a few months.

They put the Nintendo link account the same day that the game was revealed. They didn´t do that with AW. Because it was not going to come to WiiU. I mean, I think is very logical. Many Wii Cods were not revealed at the same time as the ps360 but later without making noise. An Wii skkiped some Cods too, but that didn´t  mean that cod stoped on Wii. This looks like the same to me.

 Maybe, but I still wouldn't hold my breath. 

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