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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Reggie: ‘Splatoon is aiming to do for action shooters what Mario Kart did to racing’

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is hopeful that Splatoonwill eventually revolutionise the action shooting genre in the same way as Mario Kart shook up the racing genre when it was released back in 1992 on the Super Nintendo. Reggie is obviously very confident about the colourful shooter and judging from the previews he probably has a right to be. Splatoon is released on the Wii U in May.

Speaking to us directly on what the title means to the company, President Reggie Fils-Aimé noted that it was “aiming to do for action shooters what Mario Kart did for racing.” He went on to note that it was a “major” new IP for Nintendo, and that the game is “not just about kills. It’s designed to be fun no matter what your skill level is.” We’ll see how major it is sales-wise come May, but for now, it does have a strong niche following on paper.

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Good to see them taking the game seriously. Well, at least talking the talk.

Hopefully they'll walk the walk and give it the push it needs. Very much looking forward to the game. ^_^

I hope it does well but I doubt it will


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So.... he expects it to have a couple cheap knock offs and.... welp, that's about it really.

I expect this first game to do very good. Or at least good enough for the franchise to become a thing. (Like MK is one game per console, Splatoon could do the same thing)

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The game seem amazing... hope for a succes!

Ugh. Mario Kart is probably one of the worst Nintendo franchises out there, and the only thing it did for me was making me not want to play racing games. It overshadowed F-Zero, and that's a huge crime.


Seeing Reggie using Mario Kart as to excell Splatoon virtues only makes me more pessimistic about the later's destiny.

Um, I hate to be negative about this but, what exactly did Mario Kart 8 do for racing? I don't understand

Without voice chat and having no control over the game that you will join... Well good luck!

SJReiter said:
Um, I hate to be negative about this but, what exactly did Mario Kart 8 do for racing? I don't understand

Reggie said Mario Kart in general, not 8 specifically.

Super Mario Kart took the racing genre and created a new (and successful) subgenre. Now he wants to start a unique direction for the shooter genre.