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It seems Nintendo really shot up this year.


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So the trend continues, more games overall, less quality overall. Or harsher critics (more troll reviews?)
Great work!

SvennoJ said:
So the trend continues, more games overall, less quality overall. Or harsher critics (more troll reviews?)

In a nutshell.

sc94597 said:
Hm, so a unified OS will definitely help Nintendo a lot in terms of quality releases next generation. The Nintendo Handheld + Nintendo Home Console almost rivals the other platforms, and that is assuming no third party multiplat support.

I would love to see Nintendo supporting this OS for a long time.

On a user level the UI and UX is pretty much unparalleled.
Nintendo has managed to do, what so few designers can: make one layout work for multiple different input devices, and screen sizes.
The fact that they were able to have a nice looking UI that works with both a controller or a touch screen, is kind of crazy.
The UI is fast, easy to read and looks really good on a large screen (res aside),
It is hard to get lost or trapped inside the system, everything is well labeled and easy to access.

Oh, and the Switch's OS apparently uses very little RAM, whilst providing a decent feature list.

Wow, great work woth those charts

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I updated my MetaScore charts (graphics best viewed in fullscreen)


My thoughts:

  • Switch had a great year of quality games, even if many of them are ports and/or smaller games
  • PC had a stagnation of 90+ titles and a decline of 85+, 80+ and even 75+ titles... I hope that trend turns around next year
  • all other platforms had a huge increase of 90+ titles... are reviewers getting lenient on the 90% barrier or was it really such a good year?
  • quality iOS/Android games are getting rarer every year (from almost 200 games with 80+ in 2011/2012 to 45 games in 2018
  • so a lot of indie developers seem to shift from iOS/Android to Switch (better visibility, much higher price acceptance)
  • Switch after 22 months has almost double of 90%, 85% and 80%+ titles than WiiU in all its lifetime, 75+ almost tripled
  • the comparison between the number of quality titles on Switch and 3DS in their first 22 months is insane, f.e. 169 vs. 19 games (80+)
  • WiiU, Vita and 3DS support is dead

Oh, and Merry Christmas to all of you!

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Nice work, thanks. Could you update your thread starting post with the current graphs?

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Well... Damn. That's awesome.

Epic work.

Just goes to show how much the playstation dominates the market.

Was about to ask: Why stop at 2014?
Then I see the thread is from 2015, lol.