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Well well, this is interesting. I wonder why it's rated M? I guess because of the story.

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He's obviously going to sleep with all the females . . .

Anyways, I'm so excited for this game.

Read some Batman comics (The Death of the Family storyline if you want a pretty good Joker story) and you can easily see why a "Mature" rating might be warranted.


mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

Gammalad said:

Oh the fun I will have IDing 13-16 year olds coming into GameStop trying to buy this game

You are my kind of evil, let us know the stories when they happen :D

Mr_No said:
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McDonaldsGuy said:
Hopefully Batman kills some people in this one. Batman's "no kill policy" is so flippin silly for a character that's supposed to be dark and brooding. I am not saying he's gotta go Punisher on bad guys but jeez everytime he lets the Joker live Batman is just as responsible of the Joker's killings!

What? That goes against everything the Batman character represents. I am all for a more violent Gotham but Batman's point is that he does not kill.

I agree with you that Batman shouldn't kill any criminal or villain, even if I find it pretty annoying. But would maiming be okay on the game? Because I feel like it's one of the apporaches Rocksteady will be going for at this game. If my memory serves me right, Batman has maimed a few of his opponents on the comics without killing them.

 I like what he does in Batman and Batman Returns. He kills but he only does it when it's necessary (Joker, Axis Chemical goons, Penguin's thugs).