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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Official Hyrule Warriors Thread - Extensive FAQ Inside, Rupee Glitch Explained

RolStoppable said:
Einsam_Delphin said:

Huh, just realized I haven't used Cia at all, should probably change that next time I play!

Your Tingle description is how I would describe Agitha, namely the slowness, and I never liked the slow characters in Warriors games. That's why Lana w/ magic book is my fav with her dash cancel'ing allowing her to act again almost immediately after, makes for some good juggling and fast weak point gauge depletion with her third combo.

Agitha can juggle most sorts of enemies effortlessly with her YYX combo. There are only a few types that run unfairly through the beetle, but you can get around that by adjusting your own movement during the constant beetle spawning. Her YYYYX combo is a strong area attack and her weak spoint smash is probably the best in the game because it covers a big area and hits hard.

Nope, will never like her! I'll believe she's better than Tingle though as I haven't played as him to say anything on the matter.

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Looks like I am not done with the OP of this thread. I've unlocked the Cucco and it doesn't share the challenge list of Ganon, but has its own list added as a separate challenge mode. This means that all challenges have to be unlocked again. I'll probably add a little extra section to the OP once I've played enough with the Cucco.

Achievements that I got recently:

38. Saved 500 allies. (This one took a ton of time. Thankfully I finished it before I had to grind for it.)
39. Completed hero difficulty in legends mode. (Legends mode complete!)
40. Killed 100 enemies with a special attack. (This is easy in Ganon's Fury because of the range of his special attack. Hitting anywhere between 100-130 enemies is a breeze, something that I didn't manage with any other character during normal play. Well, the Cucco can do it easily too, but by the time I unlocked it, I already had this achievement.)

Four achievements left: All A-ranks in Ganon's Fury, all A-ranks in all challenges, 100 amiibo gifts, all of the previous 43 achievements.

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will try to play hyrule warriors again by mid-June. and see if I need the DLCs. playing MK8 at the moment and Xenoblade Chronicles.

the content on hyrule warriors and wanted to complete everything first would take me atleast 50+ hours.

Updated the FAQ with a grinding strategy for the Cucco. This should have been the last update.

As for the progress on my save file, day 79 is over. This means only three weeks left to go. Recent achievement:

41. All A-ranks in Ganon's Fury. (Was easy at level 240, will max him out after I am done with the Cucco.)

Speaking of the Cucco, it's at level 170 after two weeks of grinding. The medium challenges should be rather easy now. As for the progress on other characters, here's who I am done with completely. This means maxed out level, all A-ranks in all challenges, and a tier 3 weapon with five stars and eight slots that has the skills Legendary, Quick Strike, Normal Attack+/Finishing Blow+, Defenseless/No Healing, Vs. Dragon/Legend/Time/Twilight/Undead, Element+ (whatever applies between Fire/Water/Lightning/Light/Darkness) and the two most useful attacks (Strong Attack+/Combo II+/Combo III+/Combo IV+/Combo V+/Combo VI+). For the characters who have more than one kind of weapon (Link, Impa, Lana, Zelda), I plan to have an ultimate weapon for each kind.

1. Impa
2. Sheik
3. Zelda
4. Ganondorf
5. Ruto
6. Agitha
7. Midna
8. Zant
9. Fi
10. Volga
11. Wizzro
12. True Midna

A dozen down, only seven more to go. I am on track to wrap it all up within the originally planned 100 days.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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