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Does it?

No 148 44.58%
Yes 131 39.46%
I'm not sure 29 8.73%
Results 24 7.23%
KyleeStrutt said:
zumnupy10 said:
What I don't understand is the fact that Konami is releasing MGSV for the X360 but not for the WiiU.

I really think the Metal Gear franchise has more potential on Nintendo platforms than on Microsoft ones.

I really doubt that.

Nintendo does have a few Metal Gear games though.

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jigokutamago said:

Nintendo does have a few Metal Gear games though.

And except for the NES ones, none did well.

Xbox has more "core" gamers, stealth games do really well on the system, and as a whole Xbox is selling better, wouldn't be too surprised if TPP on XB1 outsells every Metal Gear released on Nintendo ever.

To be fair, I wouldn't pay much for a demo anyway. I'm not even sure I'll be paying for it at all. I'll wait and see if it's included in the main game or not and then decide what to do.

As for the question, I say give it a chance.

jigokutamago said:

Nintendo does have a few Metal Gear games though.

MS has a better history with action games though.

Konami is to blame for low sales of MGS on Xbox platforms. Their bad business decisions has kept MGS from being a show stopper like GTA and COD.

If they wanted MGS to sell well they could've done more than comparing 2 versions of their games and back one.

Who in their right mind would do that? Not any profit motivated business. Not EA, not 2K or U

Imaginedvl said:
How selling more copy of the game is a bad thing in any way?
And for Xbox gamers is was also nice to be able to play MGS. I'm a big fan of the serie and I'm glad I can play it on my platform of choice.

It depends on the costs of developing the game for each platform. If the publishers doesn't think it'll sell enough on a platform to pay for the development costs of that platform, then they're not going to bother. That's pretty much the reasoning of why nearly every multiplat isn't on WiiU, right?

I'm pretty sure Konami have already done the Maths though.

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Remember the times when Bioshock, Mass Effect & Ninja Gaiden 2 used to be Xbox 360 exclusives? ;P