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Well... You can't use amiibos online so the only time you can really use them is when you are playing with ur friends so neh, it won't really do anything that breaks the game and the main reason why most people seem to collect amiibos is for the figures and not really what they provide for in-game content (which isn't really much to begin with)


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Send me a PM when people have figured out how to make cheap pseudo-amiibos.

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You really think Nintendo is going to waste money making these things hacker proof? Lol! Skylanders and Disney characters have long been hacked already. Obviously they were going to get hacked, not a very impressive prediction.

I don't think this will be a problem at all. How many people are going to do this?
Definitely not a lot... It also doesn't give you any real advantages gameplay wise, so this shouldn't be a problem right now.

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Now I'd love to see someone create a Mr. Game and Watch amiibo.

What's so bad about that?

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Tachikoma said:

it becomes an issue as predicted. 

Where's the issue? You still can't have multiple amiibos in one, so this is basically just trading your amiibo for another one.

Ammm and whats the big problem about this?

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