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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Street Fighter vs Tomb Raider: which has more impact?

SFV obviously since TR is a single player game with not enough replay value to be compared to SFV, a game that will be played during all thé generation.

Also, TR is coming to PS4, and many gamers have enough common sense to see that obvious release
And even as a temporary exclusive , thé impact on One will be spoiled by 360 version, while SFV is only on PS4 on consoles

And for now, there are no hints it could come on other consoles, at thé contrary

Predictions for end of 2014 HW sales:

 PS4: 17m   XB1: 10m    WiiU: 10m   Vita: 10m


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WoW there was a time when a fighting game could sell above 500 Thousand copies in Japan...


SFV all day long. I'm shocked Sony out did the TR deal especially when we all thought Sony couldn't afford to get deals anymore.

I played TR PS3 when I got it free from PS Plus. Good game but i'd only play it once. It's a poor mans uncharted and not good enough to play through again. Sales also mirror this.

TR sold less than SF4 by a big margin. And you need to remember most of it's sales came on PS4 not Xbox. It's going to hurt the TR series more than it hurts the PS4. ESPECIALLY now that everyone thinks it's coming to PS4 after 1 year but we know the SFV won't.

riderz13371 said:

Just so you know Double Helix isn't developing the game anymore. Also we know the quality of KI, just look at metacritic or read peoples impressions. Now we have just to wait and see whether SV5 will be good.

I thought SFIV was amazing so to be completely honest I don't need to wait. What I'm trying to say (my main point) is that for people who like fighting games, Killer Instinct might just be enough. It's not for me but I am certain KI could fulfill enough of a fighting game need for most people.

It's not the huge genre it once was, and SFIV's popularity was a shocker at the time, though I was one of those who couldn't wait to play it. I also personally liked Street Fighter III but didn't play it much.

I guess on both accounts my point is that SFV may see the same lack of interest as SFIII due to the popularity of their respective predecessors. And also, there are fighting fixes that can be somewhat met on other consoles with other exclusives. It all depends on how big the SF craving will be when SFV comes out. Because we all know it will be great.