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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Official PlayStation 3 Exclusives list...

Am I the only one seriously amped about SOCOM 4?

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No but there probably isnt a lot of people who are. But add me to the short list too

Uhhh I think you skipped Sorcery and other Move Titles though.  Unless your not adding them.

a truly fantastic list

You should add a pic for inFamous 2 and Motorstorm 2 in the 2011 section.

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You should update SOCOM 4 to the 2011 list.

Walmart has Mag 2 coming in Jan. 2011 add that and Team ICO collection.

I have some updates!

Ps3 blu ray-

1. LBP2 pushed to 2011

2. Ni no Kuni should probably be in here for 2011 release Japan

3. Ico collection would be a nice inclusion for 2011

4. The Last Guardian holiday 2011 release

5. Socom 4 pushed next year

6. Sly collection?!


1. Journy for 2011

2. Echochrome ii for 29 September 2010

3. Pixeljunk shooter 2 for 2010

BTW, isn't blade kitten multiplatform?

Good to see this thread again!


This thread needs some Agent too. Come on R*, make it happen!