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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Xbox One Japanese Launch Week: 23k Sold

Aerys said:
Michael-5 said:
Aerys said:
Michael-5 said:

How is it that Dead Rising 1 pushed 360's sales so much, but Dead Rising 3 did not?

Logic = Fail

Your logic, yes, i explain you why

Dead Rising 1 wasnt the  reason for them to take a 360 :  It's mostly because it had big exclusives coming and wasnt the only interesting game, they didnt buy 360 for Dead Rising, but they bought Dead Rising because they wanted a 360 for the games coming, for the same reason, Dead Rising 3 didnt sell good on One.

Microsoft has reported 9 Japanese games in development for the XB1, with Scalebound already announced.

For 360 there were what 4 announced JRPG's with 2 revealed (Blue Dragon and Enchanted Arms).

How exactly were 360 fans buying a console for future titles, and XB1 fans not? ALL that happened was that the Japanese realized that most of the XB exclusives will come over to Playstation (Enchanted Arms, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean....eventhing but Infinite Undiscovery and Lost Odyssey).

Please, you understand why. You cant compare an unknwown title to Blue Dragon...

Fans were buying 360 because such big Jrpg was coming. And of course, nobody knew these games would come on playstation ( but now they experienced timed exclusive and after the lies on 360 support, it's an other reason for them to not buy a microsoft console again, they gave their trust once, they wont do the same mistake even if MS makes promises again " we have a lot coming " ,they doubt most wont be exclusives)

Fans dont buy One because absolutely nothing big is coming for them and because Microsoft disappointed them with 360. ( we dont even know what will be Scalebound, so it's obvious it wont make them want to buy a console for that a cgi trailer)


It's as simple as that.

You agree with me then that fans were disappointed with the 360, and thus aren't buying XB1's.

The second point about games coming, I still disagree with you. You can compare Scalebound to Blue Dragon/Enchanted Arms. Plus XB1 has FFXV going for it where when 360 released FFXIII was considered to be a Playstation only franchise.

In my opinion, XB1 is selling bad because of all the bad publicity it's seen (plus 360's exclusives disappearing). XB is already a foreign product, but with forced Kinect, DRM, and all the other issues that plagued the XB1 image here added to that, all the hype for the console has died. Plus unlike the 360, XB1 released late, so many gamers just bought a PS4 or WiiU instead.

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