Forums - Website Topics - When is VGChartz going to accept transsexuals?

Ninsect said:
Michael-5 said:
Ninsect said:

Isn't it time to embrace reality already, VGC?

Why do we need to embrace new things? Do you embrace atomic bombs?

VGC is based off a generic database which doesn't allow customizations like that. If you were born a male and are now a female, then pick female as your gender when you register, simple.

I think it's more important to discourage pedeophiles then to embrace transexuals, sorry.

Did you just compare gender switching on a forum to atomic bombs? Do you feel like that's a good example?

did u ask a mod if they change it for u? the option isnt good because to many people would use it to troll, and i dont think its such a big deal if u have to talk to a mod for the change.   we are talking about a realy small groupe of people, sure its never very nice to talk to a mod, but this way is better for us as a whole.