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Lapis Re:Lights is just great. It's this season's Princess Connect or Boufuri. So many feelgood vibes and genuine slapstick comedy that makes you smile.

Deca-Dence certainly has promise with that director.

Fire Force is just as good as always with a potentially great addition to the cast.

The first episdoe of Kanojo, okarishimasu is surprisingly not terrible with two relatable leads.

With Re: Zero and another Monster Musume it's quite a solid season.

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Back street girls Gokudolls is the best anime I ever seen

I like Nintendo and Sony but more than this I love video games

YanisFromFrance said:
Back street girls Gokudolls is the best anime I ever seen

Have you seen exactly one anime?

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

From watching episode 1 of pretty much everything, I'm just gonna continue with Fruits Basket and watch the new season of My Teen Romantic Comedy.

I finished 3 more anime like 10 days ago, actually 5 and a half, but I will talk about 3 because I am lazy. Got a huge headstart on August, and August will either feature very little anime or a ton of anime. I am personally hoping for little anime because of my other plans... but Coronavirus is getting in the way like usual.

Baki Part 3 (12 episodes)- A continuation of more ridiculous fighting. The 1st arc was great, and was somewhat self aware, but didn't end up alleviating the issue at all. The 2nd arc was meh, but I enjoyed just how strong the MC gets. The last episode seems to be hyping up for the ultimate fight most Baki fans have been waiting for. All in all enjoyable for what it is. The OP is absolutely great, and I was dying waiting for the full version to come out at the time. I just checked it out today and it delivered. Another one to add to my imaginary karaoke list.

Japan Sinks 2020- A disaster anime from a legendary director, what could go wrong? Well apparently he didn't have as much control as most people would have liked, because wow it was not as good as some of his other animes. I will praise the disasters, as they were quite fun and slightly terrifying. The Japanese culture montage was also pretty great despite the obvious bias. Of course there are lots of easy things to criticize like the science, the characters, the randomness and etc. But worst of all for me was the attempt at emotional frame of reference almost as bad as Star Wars The Last Jedi. When I first finished this show I was thinking it was nearly the worst anime I watched all year and possibly in years, but I have softened up a little bit since. OP is okay and ED okay too.

BNA- A different beastly anime to Beastars. In this one we at least get a cute girl as the lead. She is kind of a Mary Sue though, along with her friend. Speaking of friend, her other friend seems to be the same as her but fails to use the power in the same way... Maybe it was for comical effect, either way it was sad. I am thinking "Can't you just leave?". Character wise the MC has her own goals different from the city, but she ends up helping them of course as the MC. I was hoping she would get what she desired and see her family again that she desperately wanted to go back to. But the anime likes to shift the focus on only the city for some reason. It was still an enjoyable watch, but I am not sure a 2nd season is needed, Trigger has better shows to work on! OP and ED were okay.