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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 Officially Hits 9 Million

Phil is just going off what everyone knows to be sony's PS4 manufacturing capacity. Which doesn't even guarantee that they are shipping out all they are making or not having any snags with manufacturing.

As of January this year sony hit 4M sold to consumers (I think, I forget). So if they make 1M PS4s every month then by the end of june the would have made a total of 10M PS4s. That doesn't mean they shipped all 10M out cause typically they should be stockpiling a few so they have enough to meet demand around the holiday season.

My guess is that while they have no doubt made over 10M PS4s as of today, they probably only have around 9M of those in circulation (shipped or sold) and have 1M of them in warehouses around the world. To meet holiday season demand they need to have at least 4-5M consoles to cover the months of oct-dec. I also believe they will have a limited manufacturing run of 1-1.5M White PS4s for the destiny bundle. That may or may not be inclusive of the 4-5M holiday allotment.