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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Can we agree that PS4 graphics are in another level!

BenVTrigger said:

If the OP thinks Infamous looks better than this..........idk anymore

You're judging at a technical standpoint, which makes Watch Dogs objectively better, but aesthetically, a ton of Infamous pics looks better than the second pic, the first is mighty impressive however. The entire argument is that aesthetically PS4's graphics are on another level. Sure, The Order is a cinematic linear game, but the PC doesn't have a Cinematic linear game to compare it to, and that's fine. But at the end of the day The Order is still a game, and it looks better than anything I've seen before, same with Driveclub, just because it doesn't have 8xAA and 16XAF doesn't make it look worse than a game that does. 


Texture work, talent, rendering methods, and tricks make this gap, not raw power alone. The only PC game that aesthetically looks as good as The Order and Driveclub is Star Citizen imho.