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Forums - Music Discussion - I love Taylor Swift.

Ps3 said:
brendude13 said:

Certainly not. The deeper voice would definitely be a boner killer.

So you're saying women are nothing but show .

In Taylor's case yes. There is nothing I can appreciate but her looks.

Better that than appreciate absolutely nothing about her, right?

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DanneSandin said:
prayformojo said:
Ps3 said:

Her music has changed the world and has planted her as one of the greatest artists ever. She's up there with The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Mr Hendrix, some might even think she's better! I just wanted to renew my love on this forum with my love for Taylor. I hope everyone is doing well!

If you like her, that's fine. But putting her in the same class as the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Hendrix is incorrect. Why? Because she can't write music by herself, that's why. Take a look at the song writing credits. She uses a studio owned, world renowned song writer to write her hits for her. Floyd, the Beatles and Hendrix did it all on their own. She isn't talented enough for that.

In short, you're being duped. She's pretty much just a manufactured pop star.

That's just not true at all! The Beatles made a few covers before they changed the world with their music, and Hendrix covered both "All along the watch tower" AND "Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band" while he was on top of his career and revolutanizing the world with his guitar playing. And Elvis didn't write his own music; all he did was revolutanize, not only music, but pop culture and teenage culture and more or less created the music industry as we know it today. I mean, if Taylor can do a fraction of any of that it's alright to call her great even though she doesn't write her own music. But is it's looking now.... she'll never be great

Every "original" song released by those three bands was written by the band members or artists within said band. NONE of the originals were written by studio owned song writers. Bob Dylan didn't have ANYONE write his original music. He did it by himself because he's, you know, an artist and to BE an artist, you have to...create art...not just sing someone elses.

Elvis was a fraud as well. Chuck Berry was more talented as was Dylan, Floyd and a bunch of others. Elvis was just a pretty face with a good voice. He was Justin Beiber. Justin has his music written for him, dances on stage, blows kisses to little girls and makes money. That was Elvis. If Elvis were 20 years old right now, that's all he'd be.

The real "king" of Rock is probably the Beatles because they actually made art AND girls panties moist. They weren't just pin up posers.

RolStoppable said:
Looks like a lot of people are butthurt because somebody loves Taylor Swift. You people are haters and have a serious problem.

Personally, I would say these people are more sexist than anything.

Me too




She's an inspiration to us all.