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prayformojo said:
Hynad said:
prayformojo said:

No offense, but don't you think that's a bit selfish? It's much more important to the health of Nintendo for Zelda to sell really well and get good press (social media and online communities make up half of a games success these day. Just look at Titanfall for example) than it is to create a game that a small fanbase is going to enjoy.

So far, the media reception has been more than positive. So, please, tell me who are the selfish ones?

The media was also calling Titanfall the second coming. How did that work out? The most important thing isn't the media coverage. It's the core gamer which makes up the majority of this industry. There aren't enough Nintendo fans in the world and the press are even smaller in number. If the game is great, but it's looks deemed "kiddy" or too childish (hello WW) by the core gamer, you can kiss sales goodbye.

I don't know why Nintendo can't seem to grasp this simple concept. It's not just enough to create a great game. You also have to make sure said game is wearing the right clothes and presenting the right image.

So, as I thought, you're the selfish one.  You're the one asking them to make the game your way. -__-

People around the net are praising the the art style. It looks like anime, without looking kiddy. The only complaint about Wind Waker's graphics was that it looked kiddy (cartoon instead of anime). Something that can't be said of the new game. 

Go on Gaf, for example. You'll see the biggest gaming community backing and praising the new art-style. This probably won't be enough to convince you that your selfish view on this topic isn't shared by the majority. But who knows... I'll be positive and hope it will.