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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4 & Wii U duking it out. End of 2K14 sales prediction Thread.

wii u is dead and died a long time ago. The casuals won't be there to save it.

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Shortiloe said:
Shortiloe said:
To behonest, there aren't much heavy hits this year for PS4, only Destiny comes in my mind right now. The Order and so on are all delayed. Only Call of Duty maybe and the new Battlefield. But titles like Smash bros, X and Co can do the thing for Wii u, so I predict that Wii U will sell more THIS year. Don# forget, mario Kart 8 is out and will be a system seiller this christmas, too ! Not Numbers from me, sorry

You really believe Wii u will sell more than ps4? Really?

Yes, THIS year, maybe you overread that. Wii U will have heavy hitters this year, PS4 hitters are coming in 2015.

What makes you thing the PS4 will sell more THIS year? Huh? A Destiny? It will boost sales, sure, but that is all. Not as much as alle the games will do that are coming for wii U THIS year.

You actually thought that! LOL!! And you probably still do

Damn. Close race here

This thread needs to die in a fire since OP is gone. The WII U has yet to to outsell the PS4 in any week of this year so far ...

Twilord said:
TheBoneCollector said:
Weedlab said:
Joke thread? lol

That's the joke, it isn't a joke thread, some of the responses are down right scary.

Not just the people who think Nintendo are gonna outsell Sony either. My stomach is genuinely uneasy from how intensely Sony fans believe that another console won't dare to sell well, despite the Wii-U finally having two of the most valuable IPs in their books both being/having released this year. They get scary intense about it, feels like I insulted their grandmothers without meaning to. O_O

When does wii u start to outsell PS4? Tomorrow,  next week, 2015?

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Xbox one = 10 million
Wii u = 8.77 million

I never thought Ninty fans actually believed the WiiU could touch the PS4 in sales in 2014 lol. It looks like XOne is ready to eat WiiU's dinner as well.