Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Activision waiting to see how Watch Dogs does on Wii U before they officially greenlight another COD for the system?

Here is a thought. Put the damn game on the Wii U and let people know its coming out for the system. Getting sick of the crap that some developers do with Nintendo. Stop with the stealth release shit.

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vivster said:

MK8 won't boost Wii U sales not in a significant enough way to make a difference. Add to the fact that the MK demographic is not exactly a cross section of the COD demographic.

Don't you think they might be able to extrapolate the sales with the install bases they had when the other 2 COD games released?

So your opinion is that MK8 will not boost Wii U sales? Then what will? I assure you, the bundle, plus free game, plus Much anticipated/Hyped MK9 will push sales for a bit.

They can do whatever they want. But if WD comes before CoD, then it would really be a good way of telling if Third party consumer support has changed over this past year. Ghosts was not that good, Black Ops 2 was already an old port when it released and it was released during the real bad days of the Wii U. Things are a little different now. Same thing happened with AC4. There was too much bad vibes for anyone to care about the Wii U version. Release these games this Holiday, have them come out around the same time as their counterparts, and have them be just as good, and we will see an improvement in sales. Do what they are doing with CoD and Watch Dogs and things will get trickier. Or another example would be The Hobbit.

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game_on said:
curl-6 said:
game_on said:
CoD games did not sell very well on the Wii and sold terrible on the Wii U (even considered it's low installed base). So I don't think Activision needs Watch Dogs numbers to make a decision like that.

And yet they keep making them, once a year, since 2008. They would've stopped years ago if it wasn't profitable for them.

True that they probably don't need to sell many copies to make a profit, because it's just a port. But maybe it's also got something to do with market share, or branding. Being/staying the largest and best known FPS around. Anyways, I hope that they release it on the Wii U. Not that I'm going to buy it, but the console can use all the third party support it gets. But to stay on topic, I certainly do not believe Activision is using Watch Dogs numbers in their decision wether or not to release Advance Warfare on the Wii U.

- edit BTW, the CoD's released in 2008-2011 on the Wii were, with the exeption of MW3, all million+ sellers, so those were much more likely to be profitable than the 150-230k sellers on the Wii U.

I agree that Activision likely couldn't care less what Watch Dogs sells.

The thing with porting COD to Wii U though is that its likely much cheaper than porting it to Wii, where you had to dramatically re-engineer the game to get it running on the considerably weaker hardware.

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