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Salnax said:
KylieDog said:
Good to see my April Fool fake games made the list ;)

Though the name of one of them is wrong, instead using a real game in the series that released almost 10 years ago, and amazingly 2 people voted for it.



KylieDog said:

1. Ultra Street FIghter IV (PS3)
2. Dreamfall: The Final Journey (PC)
3. Silent Hill: Otherworld (PS3)
4. Hitman: Revolution (PS4)
5. Sparticus Gods of the Arena (PC)

Only Ultra Street FIghter IV is a real game.  I put that there to give the rest of the list credibility.

Dreamfall: The Final Journey does not exist, though you listed it as Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, a game that released in 2006.  How 2 people voted for it I have no idea.

Silent Hill Otherworld completely fake.  Hitman Revolution completely fake.

Turns out there was actually a Sparticus Gods of the Arena game...for Facebook.  I wasn't aware of this, but it got shutdown/removed 3 years ago. 

April Fools :p


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This is interesting every month again. Looking forward to the next month!

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I don't prefer Sony, I don't prefer Nintendo.
...Ok, I love Nintendo but this is something about tolerance, ok?

I'm a gamer with one of the greatest hobbies and I want to share this greatness with everyone.

Going to read this in more detail tomorrow (still read everything), but great job.

I'm a bit disappointed in the 3DS, is it that hard to localize Dragon Quest VII? I'm sure that 1 game would be enough to keep it ahead of the Vita. Right now, after Mario Golf releases, the only 3DS game I'm looking forward to is Bravely Second. However I still have to beat Default, so I'm not that hyped :-/ Oh well, playing some DS games, just beat 999 and it's amazing!

I changed my sig to include my top 10 most anticipated games. I really had to stretch for that 10th game. This E3 will be amazing.

I'm hoping for:

Advance Wars 3DS debut
Dragon Quest X - Info (curious to know if it's still releasing in NA/Eu like promised)
Fallout 4 debut
Mass Effect Next - Release date and story info
New AAA 3DS game debut (Heard Monolith Soft was developing something)
New AAA WiiU game debut (Will settle for Mario Party X)
The Evil Within - Info/Gameplay
The Last Guardian -Info/Platform/Release Date
The Legend of Zelda WiiU - Info/Gameplay (hope it's like TP/OoT/MM)
X - Name, release date and info
XB1 Japanese Exclusive - Info/Gameplay

and this last one is probably not happening, but Gran Turismo for Vita.

.....A lot to look forward to, but unfortunately a lot of room for disappointment.

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