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as long as the armor and weapons are enough to keep people playing the pve stuff itll be ok

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I'm not sure how to react. Maybe I don't really understand how this will work. To be honest I've never been 100% on how any part of Destiny will work :P

The game-play looks fun but they probably just lost me. I've run enough loot progression gaming in the years I played WoW and SW:TOR. I've done a lot of end-game raiding but after awhile it stopped being fun and I stayed in just because I felt it was my responsibility to the other guild members. Going back to that does not excite me, not if it's random drop farming where you're running instances as fast and as efficiently as possible.

I'm starting to think this is going to be a "lfm speed run X instance" game rather than one where you just go out and have fun.

BaldrSkies said:
Good, getting awesome low level gear in games like Borderlands or Diablo is annoying. What a waste.

Makes me wonder why there are even levels at all.

for the express purpose of embarassing people with noob weapons.

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Well I'm not a fan of grinding to the max level to only see that I need to grind even more for gear, as it makes that time spent leveling up a joke. Hopefully this week be an improvement

Talal said:
I will permaban myself if the game releases in 2014.

in reference to KH3 release date

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Not sure why people think leveling quickly is disappointing. With quick leveling, it allows you to quickly make your character build how you want so you don't have to go back and grind for an excessive amount of time if you want to create another build. The quick leveling seems more like levels don't matter in terms of stats but rather skills, and the more powerful weapons you acquire for beating missions that you're available to play on will keep the game more balanced than a game like Borderlands that becomes excessively easy when you get overleveled because you want to complete quests before proceeding.

Microtransactions to buy levels confirmed!

In this day and age, with the Internet, ignorance is a choice! And they're still choosing Ignorance! - Dr. Filthy Frank

This is better than a difficult to reach level cap, the horizontal progression is more interesting to me in general.

Sounds fine to me.

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