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Forums - Sales Discussion - BOLD & DARING Prediction PS4 WILL go below 100k WW at least one week this year


Will this prediction come true?

Yes 125 56.82%
No 74 33.64%
Phreakin' copy cat! 21 9.55%

That will not happen PS4 got the games to support it.

It could have happened without Destiny and the white PS4. After Destiny, the games season enters its "rush hour" and christmas which again will boost the PS4.

The weeks where it could have happeed is here in the summer weeks.

Don't copy random editorials.

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We will have to hold the horses a little more to celebrate a sub 100k week.

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If the PS4 survives august without going under 100k, then that's a wrap for this year, cuz dat destiny bundle in september...

Thanks jlmurph!