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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which fanbase is worse? FFVII Diehards vs Genwunner

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Which is worse?

Final Fantasy VII 33 33.67%
Genwunners 65 66.33%
Trentonater said:
NoCtiS_NoX said:

1. Abandonement? from what? the 2d sprites? FF VII and VIII are still on the same breed with the older FF. World map, ariship, same battle interface still has the fanfare, summons are still there but FF VII and VIII put more emphasis into it making it more powerful so please explain it to me where is abandoment from it? Did the gameplay change? No right? it is still the same maybe the set-up change (materia and junction ) but practically it still has the same gamplay. If you are talking about abandonement then FF XI, FF XII and XIII takes the crown. The gameplay is very very different from the first 10.

Annd... I never said they can't dislike it so please don't put words on my mouth. I am not here to tell you can't dislke the game. Feel free to do so but I am not arguing about that. I am arguing about this certain fans that just keep on attacking it. They are constantly hating on the game. Again when I see someone posting "FF VII is the best FF" people attack him and the most common offender are this FF VI or older FF fans and these people are even logical persons.  I won't even mentioned names but in this site there are a few of them. 

Critisizing is one thing but putting a one liner FF VII is overrated without even telling why is really something or can't find a better term but troling or hating on it and even then I can't even see a valid reason on why though, all I see are "because  I hate the fans and it rounds downs to ,it moved to Playstation and not on the nintendo system." but obviously "some fans" have valid reason and those fans are a true fan for me.  

Why do I have the feeling you are justifying this overrated thing or this certain fans?

2. Well I never said that it didn't happened but why hate a game because of these zealot fans though isn't that kinda stupid (again sorry for the term )? But how can this zealot fans ruined someones experience in a game?

3. Hating and disliking are still two different things. Hating carries extreme hostility from what I understand. Anyway we just have to agree to disagree on this true fan thing.

The type of people you are complaining about exist on both sides of every argument. Those types are also the FFVII "diehards" that other people in this thread complain about.

So you didn't notice the series dropping the fantasy and going mostly sci-fi? You didn't notice the Cloud and Squall clones popping up in the series from then on? The loss of much of the quirky weirdness. FFIX at that point was very much a call back to the older games.

The thing about your true fan thing is that is falls almost exactly into the no true scotsman falacy. A fan is still a fan no matter the specifics or arbitray restrictions.

1. Well atleast you accepted that both have fantaical fans but still this FF VII logical fan has been bullied enough by this guy for the past few years.

2. They dropped the fantasy really? wow that's a very nice counter argument. Have you really played both FF VII and FF VIII?

I will start with FF VIII because that game's main protaginist is a freaking sorceress. Yes no fantasy in their. FF VIII revovles on freaking stopping the sorceress.

FF VII has a lot of fantasy in it. I mean getting the life energy from the gaia? The freaking materia? Is that sci-fi to you? It's a cyber-punk with a futuristic setting but you doon't tell me that it has no fantasy in it because that game has lot of fantasy in it just because it didn't feature a freaking medieval setting it's not fantasy anymore.

I mean c'mon FFVI has a freaking robo in it. >_>

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Genwunners. There are more of them than the FF7 lovers by a long shot. Most of them are just casuals who cant afford the newest games so they complain about the series to feel better. And they go for as many easy targets as they can "lol pokemon has a garbage pokemon now? theyre out of ideas" or "the icecream pokemon is stupid! im glad i stopped playing after red nd blue". Its annoying and they absolutely will not play the new games no matter what.

With FF7, It may be because I am of the gen of gamers who started with the PS2/GC/XB, but people around my age (15-18) tend to like FFX the most (I am of that group too XD) and a lot have never even played FF7. Most I know have only played X and the 13 series