Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do people even give a crap about The Last Guardian anymore?

Lafiel said:
looks like you give a crap, otherwise you wouldn't make a thread about it

What failed logic LOL.

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Kyuu said:
Zax said:
I know right, it was just a little boy interacting with an ugly looking animal.

What's worse is that probably everything in that trailer was probably just done for the trailer and wouldn't have been in the final game like the first Killzone 2 trailer.

Didn't you say the trailer wasn't anything special? LOL what you're writing now gives the impression than you're more than impressed by it's graphics and physics.

Well you got the wrong impression because the one you should be getting is me saying that everyone got all excited for something that you wouldn't even see in the final game.

It wasn't footage from the game just footage made for the trailer.

what proof does anyone have that this stunning game has been cancelled? yes non

this will release on P.S.4 and will definitely be a showpiece title for P.S.4, I can't wait to finally hear more

there is no reason to simply just cancel this game made by an acclaimed developer

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