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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The how much money I spend on gaming in 2014 thread

This January was a cheap month for me:

WiiU: Couldn't say no to €21.50 for Bayonetta 2 and €9.99 each for the Wii-games DKC:R and Metroid Prime Trilogy.

PlayStation: Costume Quest 2 (Flash-Sale) and Grim Fandango Remastered (Cross-buy).

PC: Life is Strange and some cheap indie bundles

iOS: Flockers (love it, best Lemmings clone ever!)


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@Conina You seem very organised with that. :)

I kind of got lazy/forgot to post the last two months. The final tally ended up being  $565 CAD for 2014. 

As for Jan 2015: Metroid Prime Trilogy: $12.50

This year i've put a limit to buy maximum of 7 games. I guess getting 3 games in the trilogy acts as bit of a loophole. :P

Are we also doing 2015?

Captain Toad - 33
Guacamelee! - 5.6
SteamWorld Dig - 3.6
Sword & Soldiers - 3
Teslagrad - 6
Metroid Prime Trilogy - 10

61 euros so far, uh oh, that's 20eur more than last year.

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All prices are in CAD including tax.

January: $77.50
Lego Marvel Super heroes: $33
Xbox Live Gold: $44.50

May: $413
Wii U NSMBU bundle: $290
Pro Controller: $55
Mario Kart 8: $68

July: $43.50
Child of Light: $12.49
Assassin's Creed Black Flag: $18.50
Halo 4 DLC: $12.50

August: $12.50

MK8 DLC - $12.50

September: $37
Super Mario 3D World - $33
Extreme Landings - $4

November: $393

Xbox One AC Unity Bundle + Master Chief Collection - $393

December: $60.50
Super Smash Bros Wii U - $53
Child of Light X1 - $7.50

Total for 2014: $1037

Although it sounds bad, I did buy two 8th gen consoles last year so on actual games, I spent only $299 which means I spend a lot less than most of you guys!


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January: $68.59
Xbox One Play and Charge controller - $63
Max Curse of the Brotherhood (X1) - $5.59

This year I'm hoping to spend less than $300 on gaming.


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I spend 2090€ on gaming in 2014, which would equal to approximately 2360$ as of right now.
And my total spending of 2015 so far is about 340€ (January only lol), which would equal to 385$.
But i expect the total money spend on gaming this year will be a lot lower than last year.

First quartal... not bad so far, only 70 € per month.

But some more expensive months are coming (GTA5 PC, The Witcher 3, Batman: Arkham Knight, Summer Steam Sale)