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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Dark Souls Producer says Wii U audience doesn't care about Dark Souls.

You're just asking for unneeded arguing with your extra input >.>


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LurkerJ said:
Boutros said:
LurkerJ said:
It's not like Dark Souls has SO MANY FANS on the HD consoles. It sold 2 millions combined on both, PS3 and X360.

160 million install base and it only managed 2 millions despite being a critical hit. Why was there no Wii version? The game is ugly and it fits the Wii controls. I would've tested the waters with a Wii version at least.

Is this really a question?

Yes, it is. Wii U is an unmatched failure, don't make games for it. What about the Wii?

The late PC BROKEN version port sold 300k and it's getting the Dark Souls 2. I would've made it for the Wii if 300k copies on PC were enough to guarantee a sequel.

Releasing a game on pc is easy as gaming companies start building lots of their games on pc hardware...

Why am I still getting replies. Over it.

LurkerJ, your bias is showing

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