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Forums - Sales Discussion - November 2013 NPD Thread! Everything is in the OP!

Wanderlei said:
Lawlight said:

Wanderlei said:

 Whoa calm done, dont go full fanboy.

PlayStation division has lost over $8 billion since PS3 launched in November 2006.

The facts:
>FY 2007: $1,970,000,000 LOSS
>FY 2008: $1,079,000,000 LOSS
>FY 2009: $577,000,000 LOSS
>FY 2010: $889,000,000 LOSS
>FY 2011: $2,800,000,000 LOSS
>FY 2012: $1,100,000,000 LOSS

Total loss: $8,415,000,000

All figures come from Sony’s investor relations page -


You're wrong - those aren't just the gaming division numbers.


You are wrong, yes it is.


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I need to stop buying games...

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The next week should be a good week for ps4. My father in law bought me a ps4 as a gift, he said there were 2 console left on walmart yesterday. Now he is on a shopping mall and realized there's a flyer in gamestop announcing availability for ps4.

brendude13 said:
Wow, Vita really is dead in the US.

Let's hope the niche JRPGs keep coming.

Should be ok, Idea Factory US is teasing the Neptune remakes. New Rorona is a matter of time too.

MoHasanie said:
whatever said:
MoHasanie said:
whatever said:
The latest guesses from GAF are:

PS4 - 1138K

But isn't that too low if the PS4 sold 1 million alone in 2 days? 

That's for US only.  The original million was for all of NA.

hmmm, but Canada has a population a tenth of the size of the US. It shouldn't add such a significant ammount to the numbers. If that 1138K figure is true, then the sales after its first weekend launch were quite bad which wouldn't make sense. 

It would make a lot of sense, since PS4 was pretty much sold out everywhere.

The Vita sales will probably pick up when more PS4s are the market. I doubt Sony will drop the Vita because remote play is a big part of PS4 selling point.

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RawrJa said:
The Vita sales will probably pick up when more PS4s are the market. I doubt Sony will drop the Vita because remote play is a big part of PS4 selling point.

They sure won't be discontinuing it for a while, but I doubt sales will pick up.

He is wrong because the division was in the black the last couple of years



Bundle the vita with the ps4.. And redesign it or release the cheaper vita in the states for 149 or less.. Put some AAA IP on it, advertise.. Its the only way to bring it back..



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X host and journalist Geoff Keighley just tweeted that Sony announced that PS4 was the top selling next-gen platform for “both hardware and software”Update: here’s what President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America had to say in the official press release that was delivered immediately afterwards:PlayStation 4 sales in North America and worldwide have been incredibly strong since launch, culminating in PS4 being recognized as the largest console launch in history. In North America alone, more than one million PS4 units were sold in only 24 hours and we’re pleased NPD has reported that PS4 was the top selling next gen platform for both hardware and software in November.We are humbled by the passion and excitement demonstrated by gamers for PS4. Demand continues to overwhelm supply, but we’re working hard to get PS4 units into the hands of customers throughout the holiday season.And here’s Keighley’s original tweet:Looks like at least for now we know that someone at Sony is probably uncorking a bottle of Champagne. Mind you, looks like the folks at Microsoft are celebrating as well.We also have to remember that NPD tracks sales only for North America and doesn’t keep records of digital download sales.Update 2: In the meanwhile Sony Computer Entertainment also released a celebratory video, aptly titled “World’s Largest Console Launch Ever.” JOIN THE DISCUSSION RELATED ARTICLES3DS Continues Strong in NPD Group’s July 2013 Sales ReportShooters Outsold by Action Games in the United States Last YearWiiU Hardware Brings in 30 Million Dollars More Than Wii During First Six WeeksThe Difference Between “Shipped” And “Sold” Is Less Relevant Than You ThinkPublisher EA Calls Out the Flaws with NPDMicrosoft Ran Out of 360s?New Vegas Tops October SalesWii Controllers Selling Really WellPlaystation Move Sold 1 Million in 30 DaysUnconfirmed Halo: Reach First Week Sales NumbersRECENT REVIEWS7.0Ryse: Son of Rome3.0BattleCommand!7.5Mario Party: Island Tour8.0Stick It to the Man!6.5Contrast5.5Call of Duty: Ghosts7.0AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match9.5The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds8.5Need for Speed: Rivals8.0Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior RECENT COMMENTS The sad thing is that i aint looking much forward the last of us dlc.... i already know what will happen and the ending....Arcana Wiz on Naughty Dog Promises Information on The Last of Us: Left Behind and Uncharted in the New Year · 6 minutes ago.... why you must make me curious sony????Arcana Wiz on Sony’s Adam Boyes “Lost His Mind” for an “Amazing” Upcoming PS4 Game after Getting a Sneak Peek · 7 minutes agoHe lost his mind? I'd like to see that :) and more importantly see the game he was talking about.Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3 on Sony’s Adam Boyes “Lost His Mind” for an “Amazing” Upcoming PS4 Game after Getting a Sneak Peek · 9 minutes agoI bet it was The Order: 1886 or Media Molecules game, maybe even Santa Monica's.Bankai on Sony’s Adam Boyes “Lost His Mind” for an “Amazing” Upcoming PS4 Game after Getting a Sneak Peek · 10 minutes agoLooking forward to seeing the full translation of the Game Watch interview. Live letter tomorrow too. It's gonna be a good weekend.Zerosion on Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.1 Will Be Like “Buying a New Game”, Can Take 300 Hours to Play Everything · 11 minutes agoPowered by Disqus Connect TwitterFacebookRSS Feed Communicate Contribute a TipMake a SuggestionContact Us Support Report AbuseEmail the EditorsTech Support Looking For... About DualShockersThe DualShockers StaffAdvertise With UsTerms of ServiceReview PolicyPrivacy PolicyJob OpportunitiesBy continuing past this page, you by your continued use of this site, agree to be bound by and abide by the User Agreement. © 2013 DualShockers.All content, including editorials, comments, and any other written works on DualShockers, are licensed under a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution.





What a hell of post is that? I can't read