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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS1 vs PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4, 90%+ exclusives.


Which PlayStation home console has your favourite exclusives?

PS1 5 27.78%
PS2 5 27.78%
PS3 2 11.11%
PS4 6 33.33%

PS2 was the closest thing we've seen since NES as far as hoarding exclusives like a black hole. It gets my vote.

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List wars! Wooooo

Tagging for a read when I got more time. Nice nostalgia fest to look over all of Playstations Finest.

Wait though....

Final Fantasy 7 was out on the PC at the same time (actually a year later) as the original Playstation, sure it had Midi sound in places, but it was the same game.


Also are you not including GTA3 because it came out on the Xbox a year or so after the PS2 release of the game? if so then why is MGS2 on the list for the PS2 since that went the way of the Xbox as well later on in the generation.

It's neither a remake or a remaster, it's the exact same game, no changes. (even magic defense is still completely worthless in the original PC release of the game.)

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PS3 had Lair and Genji and Super Rub a Dub. It wins with those alone

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Prefer PS4 exclusives, quality over quantity (i.e. better graphics)

You're missing out a lot of great games by having some arbitrary metacritic rules about what exclusives you list. You haven't even got Infamous Second Son there which I consider to be by far the best PS4 exclusive so far.

Anyways, my answer is PS1. It's got FF7, 8 & 9. Nothing beats that trio!

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Rab said:

Prefer PS4 exclusives, quality over quantity (i.e. better graphics)

If better graphics means better quality, would you rather play the order over Final Fantasy 7 or... basically any other exclusive pre ps4?

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If we look only PS exlusives that have 90 or over 90 score, than PS2 for me, MGS 2/3, FFX, DQ8, GoW and SotC. But overall, PS1 lineup for me.

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Games 80 Metacritic score or over:

PS2: 303 games
PS3: 368 games
PS4: 260+ games (its still getting games)

XB1: 180 games
Switch: 57 games

PS4 is still leading the pack, when it comes to quantity of good games imo.
Exclusives or not, remasters/remakes.. meh whatever, all that matters is its got great games.


OP: "Which PlayStation home console has your favourite exclusives?"

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From a pure quality standpoint, the PS1 for me, since that console has my top two favourite games of all time (FF IX and The Legend of Dragoon).

Ps1 would probably be my choice, it was my first console and I have so many good memories with it.