Forums - Nintendo Discussion - owner Rakuten says that WiiU and iPad are "the most talked about presents for children this Christmas”.

Barozi said:
1. is a British website. We all know how the WiiU is doing there. A 75% increase isn't enough to make any meaningful difference.
2. Rakuten, the "new" owner of the site is a Japanese company. Of course their own social media analysis shows that WiiU is wanted more this Christmas than PS4 and Xbox One, because they aren't even releasing this year in Japan.

:( Downer post of the day!


^_^ But we are still happy you are here Barozi! My favorite ...German? Mod!

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We'll see.

Wii U in November was 1/2 of what PS360 were in their 2nd XMAS. For this to be true then Wii U needs to sell ~2m+ in December.