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Forums - Sales Discussion - October 2013 NPD Thread! 3DS: 452k, 360: 166k

the_dengle said:

Wasn't the PS3 down to $499 before its first full year was over?

No, it was down to $/€399.

But the PS3 could certainly bank on third parties whereas the 3DS is a question mark, hence why the PS3 is going to win at the tailend of a launch aligned lifetime sales comparison. Still though, I don't see the 3DS not building a big enough lead to stay ahead when all is said and done.

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Juma009 said:
Einsam_Delphin said:
Juma009 said:
Overall, Nintendo selling over 620k consoles, cant be a bad month right? some money must have gone to the bank.

Yeah, but no thanks to the Wii U.

Still, far from "Doomed" status

Nintendo as a whole? Of course not! But the Wii U specifically? I'll just say that's debateable and leave it at that.

Woeful numbers, pretty much.