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Forums - Sales Discussion - USA Pre-Order Charts, October 19th

XxGame4lifexX said:
They exact same reason why most gamers are staying current gen. You 2 guys are the most in denial guys i have seen on this site. The facts are clear and you guys cant see them.
More people are staying current gen meaning less people are going next gen.....meaning more current gen pre orders. I dont know why that is hard to understand. Do we need to skype in order for you to understand???
Explain to me why current gen versions have higher pre orders than next gen?
More current gen consoles would be your answer i believe...

More people sticking with a system from a previous generation is hardly unprecedented. The NES was still outselling the Genesis until like 1991 (in the U.S., at least). The SNES outsold the PS1 in 1995. The PS2 was so huge than even though it peaked in 2002, it was selling so well that it was still the #1 console even in 2007 when the Wii, PS3, and 360 were all on the market. That the PS3 and 360 will outsell the the PS4 and XBO this holiday is expected. They already have a massive user base as well. So, the fact that cross-gen titles are favoring current-gen systems isn't really a big deal. There's nothing new under the sun, dude.

This new generation starts everything off with a blank slate. The dynamics are different. The hardcore brand loyalists are few in number, and a particularly brand can gain or lose market share for a number of reasons, price, timing of release, game libraries, and marketing being the biggest factors. American consumers in particular seem very mercenary, switching their collective preferred brand on a regular basis. Instead of putting the history of U.S. sales in words, here's a chart showing how well every major system has done:

While the XBO will still do very well, it's looking like the Xbox brand will lose its market dominance in the U.S. That is has a couple more exclusives at launch will not make much of a difference either in the short term or the long term.


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