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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Am I the only one not getting GTA V...ever?

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nope im not getting it either.

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zarx said:

The last GTA I played was 2... (for more than a few minutes anyway)
But the real question is why the fuck would you play through 5 whole GTA games if you get no enjoyment out of them? Are you a masochist or something? GTA games are long as shit, hell some fans of the games don't even finish them (mostly just dick around in the open world) so you must get some fucking enjoyment out of them.


If you just playing something because everyone else is when you hate it. Fucking grow a spine, just because something is popular that doesn't mean you have to play it. Would you listen to music you don't like because it popular? Do you watch crappy TV because it's popular?

LOL. The first GTA title I experienced was Vice City Stories way back in 4th grade. I enjoyed it as a kid, but lets be honest, what kid doesn't like a game that they aren't supposed to be playing. So, back in fourth grade I beat vice city stories, and then got liberty city stories, which I also beat.That very christmas I got GTA IV and when my mom finally found out about how vulgar the games were, she took them away, but I played it after she went to sleep and early in the morning. I did beat it over the course of two months.I aquired the trilogy collection from a friend for $20, and again played it when my Mom wasn't around. I never did finish GTA III and never will.

In the upcoming years I was given a green light to play the games again, and at first, I really enjoyed them at first mainly for nostalgia, but as I played through them, I noticed the same pattern for each game. I felt like I was playing the same game but with a new setting.

However, I forced myself to play through them because I really wanted to see why I liked them as a kid. And yes, that is a bit masochistic. I didn't even know the franchise was popular until last year when I discovered San Andreas was the best selling PS2 game.

I hope this clears things up a bit.