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I've cleared FF5,7,8,10-2,13-2 in like 22 hours each, those all beat in like 30 give or take my first play through. Except for X-2 I beat in like 19 because I thought hotspots was the only part with story. But every place has events every chapter :P.

9,10,12,13 took me like 50+ first playthrough, but that's me I could have done a skewed amount of sidequest.

I've gotten 154 out of 160 fragments in 13-2 (I haven't done all the quizes), and it took me like 78 hours with DLC which was probably at most 5 hours worth of pointless content.

They already said no story DLC. The 50 max seems a bit short. I like that 13-2 didn't require you to grind to infinity like in FFX International, FFX-2 Via infinito, and FF7 with materia to beat the ultimate bosses. But the complete lack of grinding in 13-2 made the bosses feel a bit less accomplishing.