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freedquaker said:

Given the recent announcement:

XB1 sold 1 million in 24 hours

Out of those 1 million sales,
Let's assume that

US + Canada : 600 K - 700 K

Others : 300 K - 400 K

let's also assume that this sales figures extrapolate to the future exactly like that...

In North America, roughly speaking

PS4 : 1000 K

XB1 : 600-700 K

This is a 30-40% deficit on XB1's account, impliying a 37-41 % NA market share for XB1. Again perfectly aligned with my original expectations (35-45% in NA).

I am missing one of the comments I made after this very comment. There I said, the estimates above are based on "1 million sales of XB1", which is for 24 hours. But I added, the numbers for the first week will be higher, and depending on the improvement, say 20%, all those separate estimates for each region will also improve by the same amount. Therefore, if XB1 ends up selling 1.2 million, (as later suggested by VGChartz), I had estimated the following figures:

For the 1st entire week  (1.2 million, 20% increase from 24 hours)

NA : 720 K - 960 K ( 20% more than 600 K - 700 K)
Others : 240 K - 360 K (20% more than 200 K - 300 K)


I see that VGChartz originally estimated 900 K for 1st day in NA, which I estimated to be "too high". Then VGChartz updated their estimates to the following

NA : 797,882

Others : 326,208

Both estimates are exactly within the range of my original estimates for the 1st week totals...

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