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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Niko Bellic returns in GTAV for Collector's Edition owners

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Which version are you getting?

PS3 16 57.14%
Xbox360 5 17.86%
Waiting for PC, PS4, Xbox One versions 7 25.00%
Conegamer said:

I ink you've answered your own question there. 


I am completely waiting for the PC version.

Doubt GTAV will dip down to $20 or $30 anytime soon - cant see myself buying game for $60 :P


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I usually don't buy the collector's edition,but I'm buying this one. I've already pre-ordered it awhile back. I figured this is probably going to be one of the last games I get for the ps3,so why not go all out.

I hated Niko Bellic. I'd rather they bring back Tommy Vercetti or CJ.