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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Empire - New thread up soon!

Miguel_Zorro said:
shikamaru317 said:
New thread is up. It'll be locked until tomorrow because kapi wanted a post on the first page for his Gamerscore league and he's already gone to bed for the night.

There's a lot going on in the new thread.  That's a big first post.

I'll be reserving a few extra posts directly after the first post assuming that everything goes smoothly and no one posts until I'm ready. Categories will be spread between those extra posts.

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Anyone want a smite beta code?

If you have enough Gamerscore you can get a white XBO with one year EA Access and Sunset Overdrive for 195€ with that deal^^

New thread is now unlocked, you can post in it if you want. Mods, I guess you can lock Xbox Empire now. Goodbye XBE, I will miss you

Can we comment on the new thread yet? Edit: Nevermind, Goodbye Xbox Empire

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EspadaGrim said:
Can we comment on the new thread yet?

Yep, it's now open to everyone, me and kapi reserved our first page posts.

goodbye xbe

Farewell, XBE. May your successor achieve what you could not. ;-(

" It has never been about acknowledgement when you achieve something. When you are acknowledged, then and only then can you achieve something. Always have your friends first to achieve your goals later." - OnlyForDisplay

Locking: New thread is up now.