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Monday news, part two:

Anthem update reveals some of the changes coming with the redesign
It's been a couple of months since BioWare announced that it had started to look into what went wrong with Anthem and how it was going to fix it. Today, it's begun to share the results of that, giving us an idea of what to expect. Mostly more loot.

Here's a first look at Warframe's next three warframes coming this year
Warframe's big TennoCon 2020 fan convention is happening today, and during a special presentation about the art of Warframe, Digital Extremes gave our first look at three of the new warframes coming at some point in 2020. One is a Frankenstein-esque monster named Xaku, another is a serpentine scientist called the Alchemist, and the last is known as Wraithe. What's cool, however, is that all three warframes were designed by artists who either are or were at one point simply fan artists who Digital Extremes has hired or contracted.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! releases a final update before launch
Deceptively hardcore food truck game Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! has released its grand finale update, the Iron Cook Speedway, ahead of launch this summer. Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 is the latest in the series, a return to form for fans of the first game while retaining much of the difficulty of the second.

Co-op board game Spirit Island now has a nice digital edition
Cooperative board game Spirit Island has come to PC at last, with the official port of R. Eric Reuss' masterpiece of complex co-op hitting Steam this week. Spirit Island is one of the best board games of the past few years, sitting at an overall rank of 13 on BoardGameGeek's best games. Each player is a powerful natural spirit who teams up with others to protect their island's native inhabitants from aggressive, militaristic invaders who would destroy their way of life.

Atlantis, aka Coral Castle, arrives in Fortnite
Fortnite's Season 3 brought with it a freshly flooded map, with several existing locations like Slurpy Swamp hidden underwater while new areas appeared above the waterline. Our guide to the Season 3 map changes had the info on that, but now things are changing again. The water has receded, and the Atlantis location fans had been expecting since they saw the Aquaman skin has appeared.

Total War: Troy lays out the Greek and Trojan heroes in detailed videos
Creative Assembly's next strategy game is A Total War Saga: Troy, and we've heard a lot about it at this point, but the consummate strategy enthusiast always hungers for more. To that end, Creative Assembly has released a couple new videos highlighting the unique campaign mechanics for playing as the heroes on both the Greek and Trojan sides. A key part of differentiating the factions in the small theatre of this focused Total War game is the heroes: They give flavor to your army, have unique mechanics, and dictate what units you can recruit.

Spintires got a major update and new DLC
Good news for mudders, muddin' folks, and off-road enthusiasts of all stripes: The original Spintires has a brand new update and DLC. Though it's some six years old, current developer Oovee Games has admirably spent the last year lavishing updates on it. The 1.6 update has revamped some major parts of Spintires, deeply reworking water interactions and the mud physics and simulation. Additionally, tires on some vehicles can now be variably inflated, some vehicles now have differential steering, and articulated chassis vehicles are now supported.

The legendary Frog Fractions is now on Steam in remastered 4k
Perhaps one of the greatest indie games of all time, Frog Fractions is a weird edutainment-ish Indie game that everyone loved back in 2012 and everyone still loves now. You can now get the game in remastered form, for free, as promised, on Steam. Frog Fractions is a surprising, joyous game that celebrates everything good about gaming—no joke. This re-release ahead of Flash's demise this year is upscaled to 4k and still completely free. You can buy a cosmetic hat DLC for $8, though, if you like.

Grown-up Pokémon game Monster Crown enters Early Access
Way back in 2018 we told you about the Kickstarter for Monster Crown, a game of mad-science crossbreeding and turn-based battles somewhere between Pokémon and Dragon Quest Monsters that ended up being funded to the tune of $45,415, well over its humble $5,000 goal. Now, it's finally entered Early Access on Steam and is 10% off this week.

Leisure Suit Larry is coming again in Wet Dreams Dry Twice
The world's skeeviest adventure game "hero" made a comeback in late 2018 in Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry, and to everyone's great surprise (especially after the unmitigated disasters of Magna Cum Laude and Box Office Bust), it was actually pretty decent. And so, as is the natural order of things, it's getting a sequel later this year called Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice.

Ubisoft VP Tommy François has left the company amid abuse allegations
Tommy François, Ubisoft's vice president of editorial & creative services and one of several employees accused of harassment and abuse, has left the publisher.
Business Insider read an email from CEO Yves Guillemot informing staff that François had left Ubisoft after being on administrative leave for a month, which Ubisoft has since confirmed. The email didn't go into any detail and Ubisoft has not provided any more information about his exit.

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Apple Secure Enclave chip found to have ‘unpatchable’ exploit

Following devices come packed with Secure Enclave chip:

iPhone 5s and later
iPad (5th gen) and later
iPad Air (1st gen) and later
iPad mini 2 and later
iPad Pro
Mac computers with the T1 or T2 chip
Apple TV HD (4th gen) and later
Apple Watch Series 1 and later

Fixing MacBook Pro Thermal Performance Issues

"I tested and verified that using a left port [to charge] caused the CPU temperature to go up much higher than using a right port."


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Eiyuden Chronicles sounds a bit too good to be true. There are a lot of red flags, but I'm still tempted to pledge.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

^ Is there a date to finish the crofunding campaign or they'll keep accepting donations until close to launch? If it's the later, you could wait and see how the development goes.

And Apple should check what secure means XD.

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If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

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is that for curved monitors?

 "I think people should define the word crap" - Kirby007

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kirby007 said:
is that for curved monitors?

Probably for this mainboard:

The Tuesday news:


Take Two shares sales numbers for GTA 5, Borderlands 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 & more
During its earnings conference call for Q1 of fiscal year 2021, Take Two shared some new sales numbers for Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3, The Outer Worlds and NBA 2K20.
>> The summary is:

  • GTA V: 135 millions
  • RDR 2: 32 millions
  • NBA 2K20: 14 millions
  • Borderlands 3: 10 millions
  • The Outer Worlds: 2.8 millions

Capcom shares new sales numbers for Resident Evil 3 Remake, Monster Hunter World & more
During its Q1 2020 Fiscal Year 2020 Report, Capcom shared some new sales numbers for its latest games. Going into more details, the Japanese company shared the sales figures for Resident Evil 3 Remake and Monster Hunter World Iceborne.
According to the report, Resident Evil 3 Remake has sold 2.7 million units on all platforms. From the looks of it, Resident Evil 3 Remake is not as successful as Resident Evil 2 Remake was. On the other hand, Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion have sold over 16 million units.
>> We knew the RE3R numbers from PCGamer's article from yesterday, but they didn't said the sales of Monster Hunter.

GOG has a new sale, plus a new release:

Steam has a new deal and a new range of weeklong deals:

The Humble Store has two new sales:

Fanatical has two new deals:




This Skyrim mod adds a two-handed weapon that's just a chair
I've downloaded a lot of weapons mods for Skyrim over the last eight years, but none quite so grand and intimidating as The Chair. XvomTheMad's mod is literally just a chair, but it's solidly built and quite deadly.
Carrying around a chair instead of a greatsword or a mighty axe tells everyone around you that you've grown past the need for conventional weapons—everything is now a weapon in your hands. Like Bullseye, but without all the throwing and getting beaten up by Daredevil.

Destiny 2 is getting rid of Mars, so it's been rebuilt for Garry's Mod
Bungie is kicking a whole bunch of planets into the vault. Come the arrival of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Mars, Mercury, Titan and Io will all be removed from the map, as the associated quests and storylines are no longer relevant. To make up for their eventual departure, a modder has rebuilt a significant chunk of Mars for Garry's Mod.
"If Bungie's gonna try to vault Mars, I will just have to spend 200 hours building it myself," Quantum said on Reddit. The red planet is, not surprisingly, their favourite Destiny 2 locale, because you're not going to spend 200 hours building a map that you think is just so-so.
>> You'll be able to find it at the Steam Workshop.


XBOX head Phil Spencer thanks the PC Gaming community for their support, says “there is more work to do”
Xbox has made several changes to provide better PC support over the last couple of years, and on top of that several Xbox Game Studios titles are finding great success on the PC platform as well. XBOX studios head Phil Spencer recently thanked PC players for showing their support, while also acknowledging the fact that there’s more work to do ahead. Spencer thanked the PC gaming community for the warm reception they have given to recent Xbox games, in his latest Tweet.

Project CARS 3 Official PC Requirements
Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios have revealed the official PC system requirements for Project CARS 3. Project CARS 3 will be using MADNESS Engine, and will support 24-hour cycle, dynamic all-seasons, all-weather conditions.

PC gamers won’t be able to play as Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers
Square Enix and Sony announced that Spider-Man will be playable exclusively in the Playstation versions of Marvel’s Avengers. As such, PC and Xbox gamers won’t be able to assume the role of their “beloved friendly neighborhood.”
>> And it will be this way until a mod (or mods) bring it to PC. If the game is good enough to make the effort worth it, of course.

WipEout-inspired anti-gravity racer, PACER, releases on September 17th
R8 Games has announced that its WipEout-inspired anti-gravity racer, PACER, will fully release on September 17th. PACER is an explosive anti-gravity combat racing game where players can race in a variety of single player modes or with up to 10 players via online multiplayer.

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Part two of the Tuesday news:

Here's every new skin coming in Valorant Act 2, plus a deathmatch mode
Valorant doesn't like to sit still, and the fast-paced shooter is already gearing up for Act 2, which starts this week. That means a new agent, a new set of skins, the arrival of deathmatch and another battle pass—most of which you'll get your hands on tomorrow.

Bannerlord finally lets you celebrate your victories with your army
After an invigorating game of Stab the Enemy, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord's soldiers love to do a bit of celebrating. They might be exhausted, some of them might be riddled with arrows, but they still let out an enthusiastic cheer. And now, finally, you can join them without downloading a mod.

Psychedelic trance shooter Moose Life, from Jeff Minter, comes this month
Jeff Minter's studio Llamasoft is set to release another of their weird shooters this month as Moose Life comes to Steam on August 12th. This one is exciting and exceptionally strange. I will let the game's official description explain why: "A trippy, exhilarating voxel arcade shooter specifically engineered to take you to a happy, tranced-out pleasure zone full of deer and mushrooms." The trailer is superb, and the jokes contained within are also superb. "Invincibull" is a good par for the course but "Cervus with a smile" is absolute gold.

The DLC for the Frog Fractions 4K remaster is Frog Fractions 3, which is actually Frog Fractions 4
Yesterday I reported on the Steam release of a 4K remaster of legendary flash browser game Frog Fractions on Steam as Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition. I personally called it "perhaps one of the greatest indie games of all time" and I suppose I should actually correct myself: it is perhaps one of the greatest indie game series of all time. I will spoil nothing about that here.
Anyways, I closed that out by saying "Someone do let me know if the $8 Hat DLC is Frog Fractions 3." After that I went and bought the $8 "Hop's Iconic Cap" DLC, because I cannot help myself, and it is in fact, Frog Fractions 3. After purchasing the DLC you can click a toggle on the game's menu screen to have protagonist Hop start the game wearing a little beanie. (It's a nice hat.) If you start without the hat, the game you play is Frog Fractions as you might remember it.

Take-Two's Private Division to publish games from the makers of Ori, Armello, and OlliOlli
Private Division has announced it has partnered with several prominent game studios, such as Moon Studios, League of Geeks, and Roll7, to publish a game from each developer. The titles of the games haven't been announced yet, and none are expected to be released until 2022, at the earliest.

Fortnite is getting cars on Wednesday
Cars are coming to Fortnite this week. The new vehicles, or at least some of them, will be added in a patch on Wednesday, August 5, according to a tweet from the official account.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 5 will let you inspect your weapons
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone season 5 is kicking off tomorrow, bringing with it a loot train to Verdansk, new operators, a bunch of new maps and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to stare really hard at your fancy guns.

GTA Online PC players will get new stuff exclusive to next-gen consoles
GTA 5 is heading to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, along with a standalone version of GTA Online, ensuring yet more updates. Exclusive stuff will be added to the sandbox that you'll miss out on if you play on Xbox One or PS4—but not on PC.

Blasphemous gets a new storyline, New Game Plus and more for free
Bloody action-platformer Blasphemous has grown quite a bit larger today. The expansion-sized Stir of Dawn update is out now, free for all players.
The Stir of Dawn throws a lot into the mix, including True Torment, a New Game Plus mode that you'll be able to access once you've proven your mettle and defeated the game once already. You'll keep all your skills and equippable items, but the enemies will naturally be quite a bit tougher.

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AMD RDNA 2 ‘Navi 2X’ GPU Rumors: No HBM2 Memory, Radeon RX ‘Big Navi’ Graphics Card Launch in November, Next-Gen RDNA 3 With Chiplet Design. Salt of course.

Just be aware that there have been other "leaks" with 384 bit bus and 12GB of Vram.

German Retailer Mindfactory Reports Higher Failure Rate For Radeon 5000 Series GPUs Than NVIDIA Turing

Looks like Powercolor from AMD's side and MSI from Nvidia's side has the highest amount of RMAs from this retailer. 2080TIs have the most amount of RMA's % wise which is high but because of their pricing, not many of them get sold by comparison.

The other interesting thing about the report is the most popular card in terms of sales is the 2070 Super followed closely by 5700 XT and 2060 Super in third place.

The last interesting thing is that the 5700XT also has a large return rate compared to other GPUs


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