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Who is your favorite character in Animal Crossing (final round)?

Brewster 0 0%
K.K. Slider 4 26.67%
Isabelle 4 26.67%
Tom Nook 3 20.00%
Mr. Resetti 1 6.67%
Kapp'n 2 13.33%
Blathers 1 6.67%
Pete 0 0%
Joan 0 0%
Gracie 0 0%
fedfed said:
and one more question... how can we spot a fake paint form a real one??/



you will also need to do the feng shui guide to your house.  Every room except the basement.   What you want to concentrate on is the luck so that you increase the chances of getting the rarer items.  This may be the case for villagers when they sell you a painting the chance for that painting to be genuine will incease etc. 

  • Putting yellow items in the correct part of your rooms will increase the amount of money that you find.
  • Putting red items in the correct part of your rooms will increase the number of items that you find.
  • Putting green items in the correct part of your rooms will increase your overall luck.

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guys you still playing this ?

I am :O

Eh, I've been on and off. Amazing HRA score you have as usual!

piggychan said:

guys you still playing this ?

I am :O

Wow.  I really need to play this game again.

Your town and house make mine look like a garbage dump.

I was wondering where this thread went...
I went a while without playing this game after Smash launched...
Still love it...

Have a nice day...

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Brewster sure dominated that poll!

I am still playing this today.

I actually stopped playing for a while and when I came back to AC I was sad to have seen wolfgang gone.. He was one of my faves.

I find cranky villagers tend to leave my town more quicker than others... maybe because of my other villagers have an effect on this kind of personality?  But for a while I lost interest due to some villagers that moved in which I wasn't too fond of..

But anyway I finally got two of my dream villagers for a price during trading for them and now I am sooo happy that I don't think I will ever stop playing this for fear of losing these two.


A few weeks ago Nintendo EU were giving out some codes to download a small app that allows the Animal crossing folk to appear when you take pics of real life things using the 3DS camera.

The app is called Photos with Animal Crossing. I may still have a spare code if anyone is interested but I don't know if it will work outside of the UK.

Also just recently purchased this bundle:

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer bundle New 3DS XL

The game is also compatible with new Animal Crossing amiibo Cards which you get 3 in a pack. If you are in the UK the cheapest place I found them are in a chain called Argos who are currently selling them for 3.49 GBP per pack which currently converts to $5.40 USD.  I think in Japan these packs are only 300 yen.

The top row are sort of special cards that feature the main NPCs of the animal crossing world.


So now I have 3 animal crossing apps on my 3DS


Scan of manual of AC amiibo cards.  I just noticed the scan says there are going to be 400 cards to collect.  100 in each series and right now this is series set 1!

This game is cure - and yes, i went to argos yesterday to but 3 extar packets at 3.49. not bad.

I still don't understand how the animal crossing photos app works.


Is there only series one of the cards?

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