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Which will have better graphics?

DriveClub (PS4) 470 56.02%
Forza 5 (X1) 225 26.82%
They will look identical 48 5.72%
See results 96 11.44%

hmmm forza screens look like a different game from the E3 build

Anyways for DC, I am glad they delayed the game instead of releasing a rushed out half finished game. I'll try it for sure as it will be free on PSN+

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Lol, the number of insanity is now 268.

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SocialistSlayer said:
J_Allard said:
SocialistSlayer said:

you dont know when either game started development, so i dont know how you can claim which game has been in development longer to be fact. 

and we dont know the framerate of Driveclub. last i heard the devs said they were targetting 60fps. it looks like they wouldnt have hit that if they released at launch, but with the couple month delay i wouldnt be surprissed if it gets bumbed up to 60fps.

as for the bolded. that would be akin to saying if Tomb Raider Doesnt look better than Uncharted 3 because it came out 6 months after it, it would be a joke. after all its the same genre and had longer dev time. fact.

sounds like damage control to me.

lolololololo @ calling it damage control in the same reply where you say you wouldn't be surprised if a couple months delay could result in a bump from 30 to 60 frames per second. All you did with that comment was prove my point for me, so thanks.

Also, nowhere in any of these posts did I say a word about development times. I said one game had to meet a launch deadline and the other did not. This factual claim you're going on about, idk what you're talking about. You seem as confused as the last guy who replied.

The Tomb Raider example is crap because that's a 3rd party MP game and there is no huge frame rate difference between the two. Also, neither were launch games. So I get to open and close the reply with a good laugh. Thanks. Last reply I will make to this thread.

are you trolling right now? you must have some serious congnitive dissonance to actually believe what your saying.

It's ok now. He left. You get to have the last laugh. xD

Forza 5 looks pretty real most of the time. That's all I know and all I care about.

Now where is Forza Horizon and PGR Microsoft. Soon? Ok thanks.

I would say Forza 5 by a longg shot. Just because Drive Club is not out yet.

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Lol at your logic man

Predictions for end of 2014 HW sales:

 PS4: 17m   XB1: 10m    WiiU: 10m   Vita: 10m