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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - XBOX ONE. Multitasking. 15 exclusives in year 1, 8 of them are new IP's. Halo mini series (Spielberg), NFL deal. FIFA and COD exclusive content.

I enjoyed it.

None of the consoles have earned a purchase, yet.

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Terrible conference, but I wasn't expecting much. Let's see if things improve by the E3

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Wagram said:

Have to pay a fee to play used games. Damn you MSFT.

It's up to the developer. Some games may require an Internet connection; some may not. 

Loved that they showed the system and the controller looked brilliant, and 15 exclusives coming year one? sounds great. But that doesn't make that conference any better. They kinda showed us 1 game, a multi platform cross gen game at that. They showed us features that have been promised for xbox360 every year since the kinect was announced. (All but a couple at least.) They didn't mention anything specific about that specs. 8 core CPU 8GB ram, so I'm guessing Sony has got them beat there.

Excited for the Halo TV series though. Bad show. 5/10. 

Love the name XboxOne too. 

Atto Suggests...:

Book - Malazan Book of the Fallen series 

Game - Metro Last Light

TV - Deadwood

Music - Forest Swords 

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Carl2291 said:
Somini said:

6 of those 8 titles could be Kinect titles.

The showed a virtual image of the hardware, the specs were good though, finally Bluray

they've had exclusive content deals before, it lasts for a month anyways

halo series not even a trailer, so how can you be hyped!?

Don was stood next to the Xbox, controller and Kinect right after we saw that virtual image.

Did you even watch it?

Really? Aw man what a shitty luck :S. I'm gonna rewatch anyways. The video was freezing a lot on me.

Well forget that one then :D

Xbox One, not always online, blocks used games?

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

Attoyou said:

Disappointed. They kinda only showed one game.


Yeah. I was actually excited for this but it was one of the most boring events I've ever watched. I just had absolutely zero interest in the non-gaming things they showed off, and they had almost zero games. 

It was to be expected, I suppose. E3 is RIGHT around the corner, so this event was to get mainstream press while E3 should focus more on the game-y side of the console.

I can smell the fear.


I'm not really here!

walsufnir said:

There is no DDR5, it's GDDR5. I was correcting you.

Why do you insist in propagating this gddr5 nonsense? The specs (several of hem) are more or less out and 8G of ddr3 ram was always constant.

Stop dreaming up stuff that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.